1st Division
Southern Re-enactors

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              1ST Division Events for 2018

Date:                                                     Event:                                                                                               Location:  
Feb 16-18                                    Groveton                                                                                   Groveton, TX.                      
Feb 22-25                                   Mississippi Stands                                                              Baldwyn, MS.    *
March 10-11                             Battle of Cuba Station/Heritage Weekend        Gainesville, AL. 
Mar 2-4                                         Ft. Randolph                                                                            Pineville/Alexandria, LA.                
Mar 9-11                                      Guns of 1863                                                                         Camp Mabry
Mar 24-25                                   Janney Furnace                                                                     Ohatchee AL. 
Mar. 24-25                                   Battle of Port Hudson                                                       Port Hudson, LA.                       
Apr 6-9                                          Pleasant Hill LA                                                                     SW corner of CSA camp       
Apr 20-22                                    Mexia                                                                                           Mexia, TX.
Apr. 21-22                                   Battle of Jackson Crossroads                                        Jackson, LA.           
Apr.27-29                                    Battle of Smithland                                                              Smithland, KY.
May 5-6                                        Fiddler’s Green/ Skirmish in the Valley                    Jacksonville, AL. 
May 4-6                                        Jefferson                                                                                   Jefferson, TX.  
May 18-19                                  Battle of Resaca                                                                     Resaca, GA.    
May 18-20                                  Tomlinson Hill                                                                         Marlin, TX.  
May 26-27                                 Tannehill Iron Works                                                         McCalla, AL.                
July 5-8                                        155 Battle of Gettysburg                                                 Gettysburg, PA.
Sept. 1-2                                      Battle of Decatur                                                                Decatur, AL.    
Sept. 8-9                                       Battle of Tunnel Hill                                                            Tunnel Hill, Ga.
Sept. 22-23                                Luxapallila Creek                                                                Winfield, AL.    
Sept 28-30                                  Jenkins Ferry AR                                                                  Central, AR.                                       
Oct 12-14                                   Battle of Ft. Crawford                                                     Longview, TX.   *
Oct. 13-14                                   Civil War Days                                                                      Columbus, KY.
Oct. 19-21                                  Fall Muster at Beauvior/ Jeff Davis Home         Biloxi, MS.  
Oct. 19-20                                   George R. Ranch                                                                  Rosenburg, TX.
Oct. 19-20                                   Battle of Paris Landing-L.H.                                           Buchanan , TN.  
Oct. 26-28                                   Western Theater/ FFD                                                     Lexington, Mo.                              
Nov 2-4                                        Ft. Richardson                                                                      Jacksboro, TX.  
Nov. 10-11                                  Battles for the Armory                                                      Tallassee, AL.          
Nov 16-18                                   Liendo Event                                                                          Hempstead, TX.
Dec. 1-2                                       Brairfield Iron Works/L.H.                                            Montevallo, AL.
Dec. 7-9                                       Battle of McClouds Mill                                                  Leaksville, MS.                 

Highlighted events are either hosted or sponsored by 1st Division members.
Other events were submitted by friends and other organization to the 1st Division for consideration.
Other events may be added later. Please help support any events you can.  

The ones with the star* are events that were voted max effort.